Terms and Conditions

The below-mentioned Terms & Conditions are applicable only when both the Referrer and the Referee has purchased a property with Casagrand.

Percentage for Customer Reference

  • 0.5% to 1% for Customers referring to respective Casagrand projects.
  • 0.5% to 1% for Customers buying another home from Casagrand.

The above mentioned percentage will be calculated from the Basic cost of the Referee.

Registration of Referral Lead


  • E- Mail to be sent to referral@casagrand.co.in or contact 9384027974 or visit www.cgreferral.com with the referee contact details.
  • The prospect being referred must not be in touch with Casagrand team directly prior to your referral.
  • If the contact details shared is available in our database, Buddy Neighbour Scheme will not be applicable.


  • To inform about the Referrer along with the details of their Project Name and Unit No during their initial call with Casagrand Representative.
  • Also, the Referee should mention the Referrer Name, Project Name with Unit No in the Booking form before signing.
  • Addition of any reference in the booking form is not applicable post booking confirmation.
  • Also mentioning verbally about the Referrer only at the time of Booking (or) mentioning in the Booking Form about the referrer will not be considered under Customer Referral.
  • E-mail sent post booking will not be considered as a referral booking.

Payment & Cancellation

  • The payment process will be initiated after both the referee and the referrer pay 45% of the amount.
  • The referral benefit amount (post 5% TDS deduction) will be adjusted towards the payment schedule of the Referrer’s unit for all ongoing projects.
  • In case of cancellation of a property purchased, the referrer shall not be entitled to the referral payout allocated to them for that particular purchase.
  • In case of cancellation of a property purchase where the buyer has already redeemed his/her payout pertaining to that particular transaction, then the equivalent amount that has been redeemed shall be recovered.

Note: If you book the 2 units on the same day, Existing customer benefits will not be applicable.

The Referral percentage can be changed at any time, with or without notice.